Shubham Housing Development Finance Company has been one of the leading affordable home loan providers in PAN India caterings to every Indian and providing them with their own home. With several interest rate options and many product categories under the name Shubh by Shubham, we cater to business owners, homeowners, people who want to buy their homes, women entrepreneurs, and even provide loans to people with informal income. For us, what matters is a home for every individual, and we do our best to fulfill their desire of having their own dream home. People often look for ways to reduce their home loans and get the lowest interest rates on home loans which is why we want to mention a few tips following which any homeowner can get their own home loan with lower interest rates and can also take benefit by following a pattern of payments as mentioned below:

  • Always choose shorter home loan tenure: SHDFC suggests that when the home loan tenure is for a longer period, one is supposed to pay more interest as longer tenure means more interest amount. When the home loan tenure is short, then the borrower will have to pay a lesser interest rate on the principal amount and thus reduce the burden of paying more interest each month for a longer time. You can calculate your EMI and tenure through the Shubham housing home loan EMI calculator.

  • Revise EMI payouts on yearly basis: One must always revise their EMI payments every year. Saying so, we believe that promotions and business success happen every year meaning that when income increases and the borrower have some surplus amount, they can pay it as EMI and shuffle the amount based on their income. This leads to paying lesser interest as EMI increases and helps reduce the loan tenure as well.

  • Never Skip an EMI: SHDFC says that when a borrower skips 2-3 EMIs at once, their interest gets piled up due to which they are supposed to pay more. In addition, if a borrower receives a salary hike or has some surplus amount, they can also make pre-payments on the loan wherein interest rates will be covered, and they will get relieved of the burden of paying more at the end of the month. Skipping an EMI also leads to a reduction in CIBIL, thus decreasing the chances of getting another loan.

  • Look for Home Loan Balance Transfer: When the borrower feels that they are paying more and finds that they have several other financial institutions available that provide home loans at lesser interest rates, they must switch. We suggest that this step also revises the total payment of your home loan while also reducing loan tenure and total interest rate.

Shubham Housing Development Finance Company feels that it is the right of every borrower to look for the best-suited options in the market before getting a home loan. At Shubham, we provide home loans with fewer documents and get the amount disbursed easily. To know more about your home loan eligibility, contact 1800 258 2225 or visit