Success Stories

Anita Pathak

Accounts Manager

Shubham helps women achieve their dreams and grow. They understood the money struggles I faced and made getting a home loan easy.

Tony Hayat

Office Assistant

Shubham Housing Finance provided personalized support and a low-interest home loan plan that helped overcome challenges faced by traditional banks.

Sarfaraz Soni

Jewelry Shop Owner

Shubham Housing Finance provided invaluable support for my jewelry shop's expansion by offering a hassle-free loan against property with a personalized approach.

Chote Lal Prasad

Tea Seller

Shubham Housing Finance played a crucial role in helping me, as a tea stall owner with cash income, achieve my dream of home ownership.

Nagaraja Pujari

Kirana Shop Owner

Shubham Housing Finance enabled a small Kirana shop owner to realize their dream of home ownership by providing guidance and approval for a home loan despite limited income.

Sureshgiri Meghnathi

Travel Operator

Shubham Housing Finance's swift and supportive home loan scheme enabled a travel operator to secure a loan for a house despite fluctuating income during the year.

Venkat Das

Cable Operator

Shubham Housing Finance eased the home loan process for a cable operator in Andhra Pradesh by understanding his work intricacies and providing essential support.

Baskarla Jyothi

Shop Ownwer

Shubham Housing Finance facilitated a small shop owner's journey to homeownership by providing easy and efficient assistance in obtaining a home loan.



Shubham Housing Finance empowered a lady tailor with fluctuating income to achieve her dream of homeownership by assisting in obtaining a home.