Most imortant terms and conditions of our loans effective from on or after 01.02.2024


Given below are the Most Important Terms & Conditions for getting a loan from Shubham. These will be detailed and given to a customer at the time of signing of the loan agreement and the loan will be disbursed only after we have the customers consent on these terms


Agreement Schedule Report for Applicant No. -

Place of Agreement 
Date of Agreement 
Product Type 
Name of the borrower 
Name of the Co borrower(s) /Guarantor(s) 
Address of Borrower 
Branch of Shubham 
Loan Amount 
CLSS Amount 
Prime Lending Rate (PLR) 
Type of Interest Rate (Reset Linked to revision in PLR of Company/SHDFC)Floating
Re-pricing FrequencyMonthly or as and when required
Applicable Interest Rate………… % per annum i.e. PLR ±……….(Spread)
Penal Interest Rate24 % per annum on Overdue EMI
Type of Instalment 
Due Date4th or 10th of Every month
Pre – EMI 
Mortgaged Property/Security/Collateral 
Term/ Tenor (In Months)/No. of EMIs 
Administrative and Operational Costs-At Login (Non Refundable) ( inclusive of Applicable taxes)
*to be taken only if customer has identified the property and wish to pay upfront
Loan amount

Housing               Loan

(inclusive of GST)

Non  Housing  loan

(inclusive of GST)

Upto 20 lacs40004500
>20 lacs - <=30 lacs40007500
>30 lacs70007000
Administrative and Operational Costs-At Disbursal (Non Refundable) (inclusive of Applicable taxes)Up to 3% of disbursed amount or any other amount as may be decided by management
CERSAI Charge (Non-Refundable) (inclusive of applicable taxes)Rs. 50+ GST, if loan amount is upto Rs. 5 Lakhs
Rs. 100+GST, if loan amount is above Rs. 5 Lakhs
General Insurance Premium (Non-refundable) (inclusive of applicable taxes)Actual
Health Insurance Premium (Non- Refundable) (inclusive of applicable taxes)Actual
Life Insurance Premium (Non-refundable) (inclusive of applicable taxes)Actual
Duplicate statement (per Statement)Rs. 250 + GST
Emi Payment Instrument Swapping chargesRs. 500 + GST
Duplicate interest certificateRs. 250 + GST
Copy of property documentsRs. 500 + GST
Cheque/ECS/NACH/SI bounce chargesRs. 500
Charges for non-availability of repayment instrumentRs. 500 + GST
EMI Due Collection ChargesRs. 400 + GST
Property Swapping ChargeRs.3000 + GST
List of DocumentsRs. 250 + GST
Foreclosure statement chargesRs.500 + GST
Custodial Fee for property documents in closed loansRs 500 Per month (post 60 Days from Loan Closure Date) + GST
Valuation fee in Construction Linked Loan casesFirst visit: No charges.
Subsequent visits: Rs 500+GST
Valuation fee for property revisitRs.1500 + GST
Document retrieval charges on closure of loan (excluding maturity closure)Rs.1000 + GST
Duplicate No Dues CertificateRs.250 + GST
Statuary Charges if anyas per actual
Legal Charges if anyas per actual
Re valuation charge for NPA casesRs.1350 + GST
Search charges (to be charged in case of delayed disbursement)Ùpto Rs. 1000 depend on SRO Office +
Nesl data submissionRs. 50 + GST
Partial Prepayment charges

Rate of interest


Housing loannil
Non housing loan

Non-Housing loan given to individual/ nonindividual for business

purpose- 4% + GST on

Principal paid

Pre closure charges



Rate of interest-


Housing loannil
Non housing loan

Non-Housing loan given to individual/

nonindividual for business purpose- 4% + GST on

Principal paid

Lap for construction and Project finance

2% to be charged on POS for closures

through Balance Transfer

End use / Purpose of loan 
Use of Property 
Conditions of disbursement of Loan 
Mode of repayment1.PDC
2.Electronic Mode


Note: - Above fee and charges are exclusive applicable taxes (GST) or any other govt taxes, levies etc and subject to change and will be at sole discretion of Shubham Housing Development Finance Company Ltd.


In case disbursement is not availed then Administrative and Operational Cost-plus Interest paid (if any) is non- refundable.


The Interest calculation is on 360 days for all years during the loan tenure and monthly interest calculation is on 30 days for all months.

For Full disbursal loans- Pre – Emi will be charged in the first month after disbursal which will be interest from the date of disbursal till the end of that month. The EMI as stated in the above table will commence from the subsequent month.

For Tranche disbursal loans. Pre EMI will be charged till full disbursal is made or 12 months from the month of disbursal, whichever is earlier. Thereafter, the EMI as stated in the above table will commence from the subsequent month.


In case of plot plus construction/self-construction loans, plot shall be deemed to include any structured erected thereon, in present or in future.


It is hereby agreed that for detail terms and conditions of the loan, the parties hereto shall refer to and rely upon the loan and other security documents executed/ to be executed by them.


It is further clarified that amount of EMI/Pre-EMI not paid on due date mentioned above shall become overdue. Further your loan account in case of default shall be liable to be classified by the Company as under:-

S. NoSMA SubcategoriesBasis for classification – Principal or interest payment or any other amount wholly or partly overdue
(i)SMA-0Upto 30 days
(ii)SMA-1More than 30 days and upto 60 days
(iii)SMA-2More than 60 days and upto 90 days
(iv)NPAMore than 90 days


It is further clarified that once the loan accounts classified as NPAs cannot be upgraded as ‘standard’ asset until entire arrears of interest and principal are paid by the borrower.

In cases of receipts of loan closure requests other than balance transfer, The borrower can request for closing his running loan any day before 25th of the running month, by visiting the same branch which has disbursed his loan and giving written application. The loan will be closed within 15 days of accepting the application and original property along with SPDCs (if any) would be handed over within 30 days of loan closure against written receiving.




The  above  terms  and  conditions   have  been  read  by  me/us  /read  over  to  me/us  by  Shri/Smt./Kum.________________  of the Company and have been understood and accepted by me/us and a copy of above terms have also been delivered to me/us.



(Signature or thumb impression of              

the borrower)  


(Signature or thumb impression of

the co-borrower(s)/guarantors)


(Signature of the authorized person

of Lender)