Social And Environmental Policy

The Environmental and Social Policy of Shubham underlines its aspirations as well as commitment towards integrating E&S considerations in its transactions.


Environmental and Social Policy Statement


Shubham believes that environmental and social considerations are the fundamental cornerstones of its business for aligning towards sustainable development goals. Given the challenges on security of our resources, threats to economy and livelihoods due to climate change and compromised biodiversity, Shubham would like to make every effort to mainstream sustainability in its business as well as operations.


Shubham will make efforts to influence its borrowers to follow Good International Industry Practices for better development impact. Meeting of the applicable environmental and social requirements will be a prerequisite in loan processing. Activities that could potentially damage or pose risks to the environment will not be financed.


The transaction appraisal process will assess environmental and social risks at all relevant stages and accordingly state covenants to meet environmental and social legal compliance. On disbursement, environmental and social monitoring will be carried out. In addition. Shubham will proactively engage with the stakeholders ensuring timely resolution of grievances if any.


Last updated on 01.10.2023