Why Opt For Shubh Udyogini Loans?

An easy loan scheme for self-employed women or women business owners. As India’s economy grows, the surge in opportunities have also brought about an increase in women’s participation to the workforce.

  • Empowering Women EntrepreneursShubh Udyogini Loan is designed to fuel the entrepreneurial aspirations of women. It offers a unique opportunity for women to turn their dreams into reality.
  • Flexible FinancingWe offer flexible loan options that cater to the diverse needs of women entrepreneurs, ensuring they have access to the capital required to fuel business growth.
  • Competitive Interest RatesShubh Udyogini Loans come with competitive interest rates, making it financially viable for women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.
  • Supporting Business GrowthOur loans are not just about financial assistance, they are a commitment to supporting the growth and success of women-owned businesses.
  • Streamlined Application ProcessWe understand the importance of a quick and hassle-free loan application process, and our services are designed to simplify the lending experience for women entrepreneurs.
  • Trust and IntegrityAt Shubham, trust and integrity are at the core of our values. We believe in transparent and honest lending practices, ensuring that our customers receive fair and ethical treatment throughout their loan journey.

Key Features

Eligibility Criteria

Documents Required

Loan Amount

Maximum Repayment Period

Repayment Options

Why Choose Shubham?

Key Features

  • Discount on the interest rate as compared to the regular interest rates on loan against property
  • Easy documentation to help women receive funds faster
  • This loan is provided to women to expand their businesses and can be used for any purpose such as:
  • Construction of new shop, factory or warehouse
  • Renovation of existing shop, factory or warehouse
  • As working capital to capitalise on business growth opportunities
  • To pay off or restructure existing loans into better loans



Process To Apply

A Shubh Udyogni Loan helps you to survive through tough times. Check out the steps to get instant approval with Shubham easy online process.


Step 1

Apply online and our representative will reach out to you or visit our branch nearest to you.


Step 2

Our representative will come to your place of work/home to explain the product and process and collect the necessary documents.


Step 3

We evaluate your documents, have a discussion with you and do the necessary checks. If everything goes well, we sanction your loan.


Step 4

Submit the remaining documents and your loan is disbursed.

Shubh Udyogini Loans features
Our process is 100% efficient and hassle-free
Loan can be processed quickly with less documentation
Can avail long tenure loans
Can opt for customizable EMIs
Low processing fees
No prepayment penalties
Flexible repayment options
Transparent application process
Easy balance transfer

Calculate Your Shubh Udyogini Loan EMI

  • Determine the total loan amount you wish to borrow for your business needs.
  • Find out the rate of interest applicable to your Shubh Udyogini loan.
  • Decide on the duration over which you plan to repay the loan. This is usually measured in months or years.
  • Use Shubham EMI calculator to simplify the calculation process. This calculator allows you to input the loan amount, interest rate and tenure to instantly determine your monthly EMI.
  • Understand that the loan amount, interest rate and tenure directly impact your EMI amount. Adjusting these variables will change the EMI accordingly.
  • Ensure that your repayment frequency aligns with your financial capabilities and preferences.
  • If you have any doubts or need assistance in calculating your Shubh Udyogini Loan EMI, don't hesitate to consult with our representative. They can provide personalized guidance and support throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The maximum amount of loan provided under Shubham’s Shubh Udyogini Loan Against Property is Rs. 50,00,000.

The maximum repayment tenure for Shubham Shubh Udyogini Loan Against Property offered by Shubham is 15 years, i.e. 180 months.

Under Shubh Udyogini, Shubham provides a special interest rate discount for women.

EMI is calculated basis the loan amount, desired tenure, interest rate and other factors. The EMI amount can be increased if the customer wants to reduce the loan tenure.